Afrika Club: Diaspora Entrepreneurship. How to take diaspora cooperation ideas into reality?

Afrika Club Feb 2019 © VIDC

was the focus of our last VIDC Afrika Club meeting in Vienna.

The African Diaspora Youth Forum Europe (ADYFE), a network of over 100 organisations across 31 countries, presented their experiences and challenges while Austrian financial institutions and ministries focused on services they can offer.

The moderator, Rita Isiba (Aphropean Partners) concluded following the discussion:
- Make your business projects more visible,
- Ensure your business projects are bankable,
- Foster joint ventures and collaboration with Austrian companies to get better access to finance,
- Create broader consortia to gain access to international financial institutions, i.e. Africa Development (AfDB),
- make your project visible
- Establish a mechanism for an ongoing dialogue.

In respect of the ADYFE platform:
- Define your offered services clearly.

The Africa Club is brought to you by the VIDC, Radio Afrika TV, and Association of African Students  - is an informal discussion forum about current developments in Africa and the current affairs of the African diaspora in Austria.

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