Sudan: „Women´s voice is revolution“ Women in resistance – will they reap the fruits of their courage? ABGESAGT

Die Veranstaltung musste leider abgesagt werden, da der Menschenrechtsaktivistin Nagda Mansour Adam kein Visum erteilt wurde.

„Women´s voice is revolution“: This slogan has accompanied the peaceful revolution in Sudan.

Discussion and exchange meeting with

Nagda Mansour Adam and Ishraga Mustafa-Hamid

Facilitated by Ulrike Lunacek

The discussion will be held in English.

Registration: seewald@remove-this.vidc.org




„The current revolution in Sudan is strongly based on the activism of courageous women and girls”, Ishraga Mustafa-Hamid stated in a recent article.  “Hardly surprising, because the regime of long term ruler and dictator, Omar Al-Bashir, and his politics of islamization had specialized in the repression of women, whereas women started to practise different ways of resistance since his takeover in 1989.” The broad range of historic experiences in resistance and the struggle for their rights are the reason why women from all ages, professional backgrounds, housewives and students, have participated so actively in the uprising since December 2018.

In the conversation with two women´s rights activists – from Sudan and the exile – the discussion will explore issues of political participation: how women have organized themselves in the revolution, how they experienced and deal with violence, how they claim their rights in the transition process. Although women have been very significant actors in the recent revolution, they are being marginalized in the peace talks and the transition politics. If women are not on the table, their concerns are not tackled and they are deprived of the fruits of their courage.

The discussion shall open up space for women´s human rights activists and the interested public to exchange on experiences, specifically between activists in Sudan and in exile.


About the speakers

Nagda Mansour Adam is a translator, human rights advocate and activist from Khartoum (Sudan). She was arrested during the anti- government protests in 2018/19. She worked as Executive Director of the Parliament Staff and MPs on Post Legislative and Oversight Scrutiny for three years. From 2000-2013, Nagda Mansour Adam worked as radio and TV narrator, translator and interpreter. She studied at the Department of General Linguistics at the Addis Ababa University (AAU) Communication and Discourse Analysis and holds a Master degree from the Juba University on General Translation. Nagda Mansour Adam is member of the Democratic Translators Union, the Sudanese Women Initiative and the Sudanese Centre for Human Rights Research.

Ishraga Mustafa-Hamid is a writer, freelance journalist, translator and human rights activist. She studied communications and political sciences in Sudan and in Austria. Since 1998, she has published articles in the women´s magazine “Frauen*solidarität”, including about Sudanese women and their rights. She carried out research concerning migrants and black women in Austria, produced radio-contributions for “Women on Air- Radio Orange”, published several books and won many prizes. She is a co- founder of NGOs like “Schwarze Frauen Community”. As an active member of the PEN Club Austria, she has initiated the migration platform “literatur*grenzenlos”. She has been living in Vienna since 1993.

About the facilitator

Ulrike Lunacek is the chair of the association “Frauen*solidarität” (Solidarity among Women), based in Vienna. From 1999-2017 she was first a member of the Austrian and later of the European Parliament on behalf of the Austrian Green Party, and acted as a Vice-President of the European Parliament from 2014-2017. She is an expert in foreign and European affairs, development cooperation, women´s rights and gender equality, and civil liberties and human rights.

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