The central focus of our work is our practice of enabling communication, encounters and exchange in our central fields of work: knowledge management, culture, gender, anti-racism work and sports.

For us, it is just as important to ensure that knowledge is experienced and to communicate the joie de vivre and quality of life of other civilisations as it is to support these othercivilisations  against the threat of imperial and colonial arrogance.

On the one hand, the Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation – VIDC sees itself as part of Austrian civil society, as a platform which fosters initiatives and projects, encourages mobilisation and offers support. On the other hand, the VIDC is an important platform for networking and agency work as well as participative and emancipatory initiatives.
In this context we are talking about bringing together different realities of life in cooperative projects and the enhancement of creative solutions.

The VIDC wants to offer a space for action in partnership, for creativity and ideas, projects and dialogue by and for people from different cultural backgrounds, with different experiences and realities. Looking at global development from a non-European perspective and reflecting this, quickening the learning processes, building equality and removing barriers are aspects which VIDC considers part of its know-how as well as its political values.