The VIDC wants to initiate social change, at the same time considering cultural hegemonies in order to offer people from different backgrounds a forum for a just discourse.

Being aware of the responsibility for this one world, the VIDC wants to foster alliances between civil societies of different backgrounds. In this context the VIDC acts on the assumption that it is necessary to learn from one another and to cooperate in partnership.

By intervening in society and by working with grassroots movements, the VIDC wants to make different approaches, moral values and ways of life visible in their global context and the diversity of living realities understood as an expression of cultural wealth.

As a consequence the VIDC sees its place in the fields of science and culture as well as in the world of sports as an emancipatory contribution for showing solidarity against all forms of discrimination and racism in society. On this note the VIDC tries to create awareness among the Austrian public with its work. The goal is to change the living conditions for marginalised and excluded people and to support their self-organisation.