Men & Gender Equality

Although international agreements and resolutions since the Beijing Platform for Action, 1995, requires the involvement of men in gender equality programs and projects, most of the gender of programs / projects focus on women. The evaluation of the gender policy of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) has shown that gender programs have been widely seen as a women-only programs. To change gender relations (= power relations) sustainablely, both women and men need to be actively involved in these programs. The associated critical analysis of gender roles is also necessary with regard to the inclusion of LGBTIQ in development cooperation.

The VIDC has been working for several years on gender relations in conflict regions, on concepts of masculinity  and on gender-based violence and has publishes  2012 the study "Men as Perpetrators and Victims of Armed Conflicts. Innovative Projects Aimed at Overcoming Male Violence" by Rita Schaefer. The issue of enganging men and boys in gender programs and projects is regularly discussed in workshops and lecturesn. Since 2014, the VIDC is also part of the network MenEngage, which includes over 600 member organizations worldwide.