Time and Location

Monday, 17 March 2014, 19:00 - 21:00
World Museum, Säulenhalle, Neue Burg, Heldenplatz, 1010 Vienna


Lecutre and discussion

Maya Mikdashi
Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies, New York

Mariam Kirollos
Operation Anti Sexual Harassment, Cairo

Helmut Krieger
Institute for international Development, University of Vienna

Magda Seewald, VIDC

Languages: German and English with simultanious interpretation
register: seewald[at]vidc.org

Outlines of the Revolt Gender-Critical Perspectives from the Arab World

© Mona Abaza


Three years after the beginning of the uprisings, the fields of action of emancipatory movements in the Arab world have changed dramatically and the once hopeful dawning of a self-determined future seems to be stifled more and more of (new) authoritarian regimes. The revolt of millions of women and men has obviously reached a new critical point.
How these developments are assessed by activists and critical scholars? How have gender relations changed through the uprisings in the Arab world, and what do we actually see or understand from these changes. On the occasion of International Women's Day the two speakers will comment on these and other questions.


Maya Mikdashi

is a PhD candidate at Columbia University's Department of Anthropology Maya and Director of Graduate Studies Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies at the New York University. She  is Co-Founder/Editor of Jadaliyya.com and Co-Director of the documentary film "About Baghdad".  Among her most recent publications are “Law, Sex, Citizenship: Another Way of Studying the State in the Middle East” in Jens Hannssen and Amal Ghazal (eds.) Handbook of Contemporary Middle East History (forthcoming), “Queering Citizenship, Queering Middle East Studies”. International Journal of Middle East Studies 24, no. 2 (May 2013), "Mediating the Arab Uprisings". Edited by Bassam Haddad and Adel Iskander (2013), “Sexual Violence Is a Crime, Sometimes.” In After Words: A Reader for Academic Writing, Rima Rantissi (ed.) (2012).

Mariam Kirollos

is an Egyptian feminist activist and a human rights defender based in Cairo. Mariam is one of the founding members of the AUC Student Leftist Movement and Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment/Assault (OpAntiSH), a group that aims mainly to combat sexual harassment incidents and collective sexual assaults that women face in squares during sit-ins, protests and clashes in the perimeter of Tahrir square. The group also provides legal and medical support and follow-ups to girls and women in case they suffer from such assaults. Mariam co-authored the Swedish book "Myten Om Internet" (The Myths of the Internet).

Helmut Krieger

is Social scientist at the Institute of International Development at the University of Vienna. His main research areas are the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, movement of political Islam in the Arab world, critical state theory and postcolonial theory.