Time & Location

Wednesday, June 18th 2008
09:00 – 13:00
Afro Asiatisches Institut (AAI), 1090 Vienna

Agricultural Development as Precondition for and Contribution to Poverty Reduction



On the one hand, most experts agree that agricultural development is one of the most important components of poverty reduction strategies and crucial for pro-poorgrowth as well as for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, especially MDG-1 and MDG-7. On the other hand, agricultural development was not very fashionable during the last decades and investment – both from donors and partner countries – has been inadequate.

However, in recent months, agricultural development is (again) attracting increased interest in terms of poverty reduction, food security and ecological sustainability. This is most evident in the context of the actual global food crisis, but as well true regarding general problem awareness amongst donors and the scientific community at the level of international debate. Furthermore, the World Development Report (WDR) 2008 on “Agriculture for Development” has brought the topic back on the agenda.

The main objectives of the workshop “Agricultural Development as Precondition for and Contribution to Poverty Reduction: Framework Conditions, Experiences and Opportunities” are

  •  the exchange of experiences and information between experts in the field of agriculture, rural development and development co-operation in general concerning specific aspects of agricultural development in the context of poverty reduction, and
  • to encourage higher awareness and political interest concerning agricultural development, which should feed back into policy and budgetary decisionmaking.he workshop is linked to the presentation of the WDR 2008 in the course of a public

The event organized by the Federal Ministry of Finance, taking place on June 17th 2008.

Summary of the workshop