Time and Location

Monday, 28 April 2014, 19.00
C3 – Centrum für Internationale Entwicklung, Alois Wagner Saal
Sensengasse 3, 1090 Vienna


Book launch

  • Ilker Ataç, Department of Political Science, University of Vienna
  • Comments:
    Jochim Becker, Vienna University of Economics and Business
    Cengiz Günay, OIIP
  • Chair: Martina Neuwirth, VIDC

Ilker Ataç: Economic and Political Crises in Turkey


In his newest book Ilker Ataç analyses the political and economic rearrangement in Turkey with a focus on the economic programs of 1980 and 2001, which were each enacted as reactions to profound crises. Falling back on regulation theory and state theory, he argues that the first program led to development and the second to a new organization of neoliberal policies.
In doing so he focuses on the one hand on economic development strategies, like the reorganization of the bank sector and the configuration of the money and fiscal policies in crisis situations, which were important for the high development rate under the AKP government. On the other hand he discusses the introduction of “governance”-mechanisms like the formation of newer and more independent institutions which are critical for the reconfiguration of the political and economic relationships. In order to understand the current political upheaval in Turkey, Ataç’s book offers a detailed political-economical foundation of Turkey’s political system.


Ilker Ataç

studied Economics and Political Science in Vienna and obtained his doctorate at the University of Frankfurt/Main in the social sciences. His research topics are migration politics, social movements, and Turkish politics. He is currently an assistant professor in the Political Science Institute of the University of Vienna and a member of the research group Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion. His most recent publications are: “Ökonomische und politische Krisen in der Türkei. Die Neuformierung des peripheren Neoliberalismus,“  „Politik der Inklusion und Exklusion (Mithrsg.),“ and „Migration und Entwicklung: Neue Perspektiven (Mithrsg.).“

Joachim Becker

is a professor in the Department of Economics and the International Economics and Development Institute at the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien. His research topics are development economics, regulation school, state theory, regional integration, and Mercosur. His most recent publications are: “Abhängige Finanzialisierung und ungleiche Entwicklung. Zentrum und Peripherie im europäischen Integrationsprozess,” and “Die Weltfinanzkrise in Lateinamerika: Fragile Stabilität?”.

Cengiz Günay

is a Senior Fellow at the Austrian Institute for International Politics (OIIP) and a lecturer at the University of Vienna (Political Science Institute and International Development Institute, Oriental Studies). His research topics include: Islamism, political reform, democratization, and the roll of non-governmental actors. His regional focus lies in Turkey, Egypt, and Tunisia. He obtained his doctorate at the University of Vienna and made many research trips to Turkey, Egypt, and the UK. In November 2012 his newest publication, “Die Geschichte der Türkei. Von den Anfängen der Moderne bis heute,” was made available at Bölau Verlag, UTB, Vienna.

Martina Neuwirth

studied African Studies and Economics. She is engaged in the debt problems of so-called developing countries (and coordinates a campaign in Austria about it), the international finance institutions, and the UNO Financing for Development process. At the VIDC she works in the Department of International Financial and Trade Policy, with an emphasis on tax policy.

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