Time and venue

Monday, 16 June 2014
19:00 - 21:30
Top Kino
Rahlgasse 1 / Theobaldgasse
1060 Wien



SK/CZ 2011
107 min, Slovak and Romany with English subtitles
Director: Martin Šulík
Screenwriter: Marek Leščák, Martin Šulík


Martin Šulík, director of the film
Marek Leščák, screenwriter and director of photography
Moderator: Gilda Horvath, ORF journalist, editorial office for Roma affairs
Welcome: Gerhard Marchl, Karl-Renner Institut and Helene Trauner, VIDC

Ticket reservation

Tickets € 5,-
Ticket reservation or T 01/ 208 3000
Tickets have to be collected by 18:30.

For more information: Helene Trauner, VIDC, trauner@remove-this.vidc.org or Gerlinde Churavy,
Karl-Renner-Institut, churavy@remove-this.renner-institut.at, T: 01-804 65 01-30


© Cigán
© Cigán



“Gypsy” (Slovak: Cigán) is a Czech-Slovak co-production directed by Martin Šulík. The film was selected as the Slovak entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards.The film was made in an actual Romani settlement in eastern Slovakia and the main roles are played by Romani people who are not professional actors.Gypsy is a story of the fourteen-year-old Roma boy Adam (Jan Mizigar) who is forced into a life of crime by his stepfather after his own father is mysteriously killed. He finds himself in conflict with both the cultural, racial, and social prejudices of the larger society and with the unwritten laws of his own community.The film will be followed by a discussion on the making of the film and the situation of the Roma in Central and Eastern Europe.


Martin Šulík

Martin Šulík is a Slovak film, television and theatre director and screenwriter born in 1962. He graduated in film and television production from Bratislava´s Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts /VŠMU/ in 1986 with the mid-length film Staccato.

Marek Leščák

Marek Leščák, born 1971, is a Slovak film and television sciptwriter and director of photography. He graduated in Bratislava´s Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts /VŠMU/ in 1997. He is member of the Slovak Film and Television Academy and the Czech film and Television Academy.

Gilda Horvath

Gilda Horvath is an Austrian journalist at the Ethnic Groups Editorial Department of the ORF. She grew up in a Lovara family in Vienna and advocates for a better coverage of minorities in Europa, especially of the Roma community, and against all forms of racism, anti-gypsyism and discrimination.