Workshops offered from VIDC Global Dialogue: Gender Training

Workshops offered from fairplay

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Workshop Offers

VIDC Global Dialogue Workshops: Gender Tandems 

VIDC Global Dialogue has been working on masculinities and the involvement of boys and men in gender equality programmes and projects since 2010. Since 2016, VIDC has been conducting Gender Tandem Workshops in cooperation with various Afghan associations, with around 400 participants to date. Since 2019 the Gender Tandem Workshops are also offered for women and girls.
Based on the experience gained so far, the manual "Teaching Intercultural Gender Competence in the Context of Flight. Experiences from working with escaped boys and men from Afghanistan in Austria" (VIDC, 2019) was created.
The Gender Tandem Workshops are a format that has already been tried and tested at the VIDC. Tandem means that an intercultural tandem is formed for each workshop, consisting of an Austrian and an Afghan trainer. The tandem principle is not only the innovative element of the workshops, but also a success factor. The cooperation of the trainers at eye level makes it possible to dispense with external interpreting, as well as ensuring cultural sensitivity and facilitating access to the group.

What’s wrong, man?!?

Workshops for men
How does a man become a man? What is expected of men? How different can men be? What is a good, respectful relationship? How can men actively work for gender equality? How can men live without violence? What can men do against racism? How can we live together respectfully and how do we want to?
These and similar questions will be discussed in a series of workshops using a variety of methods and constructive approaches with the aim of achieving more gender justice and non-violence for the benefit of men, women, children and society in general.

The woman herself.

Workshops for women
In a women-only-space there will be space to talk together about gender conceptions, experiences, taboo topics and fears. Knowledge is imparted on relevant topics such as health or gender-based violence, and strategies for dealing with violence and discrimination are developed together.
The aim is to strengthen the participants at different levels: self-confidence/self-image, knowledge and networking. This is done with the help of different methods in a series of workshops.

fairplay Workshops

Ever since the Initiative for Diversity and Anti-Discrimination was founded at VIDC, theoretical modules have been combined with development policy content in workshops. In recent years, the range of workshops offered by fairplay has been supplemented above all with units on movement from the project area of sport and inclusion. fairplay thus also wants to use the inclusion potential of sport and pass it on to children and young people.

Workshops for kids and youths

The fairplay workshop for children and young people combines education and exercise. The contents are introduced and made interactive in a playful way - working in small groups, discussions and lectures alternate with movement methods and games.
The modules (anti-discrimination, movement methods, queerplay, human rights) are conducted by trained fairplay workshop leaders* and can be used flexibly.

Multiplier workshops for adults

In fairplay's multiplier workshop, participants receive practical suggestions for their activities with children and young people in sport. In the group theoretical basics, case studies and experience reports are worked out. The focus is on practical exercises for everyday training.
Focal points chosen with regard to the respective needs, opportunities and barriers in working with intercultural teams are reflected upon. This includes questions such as:

  • What happens when children from different backgrounds play sports together?
  • What role does the trainer play in integration processes?
  • What resources and methods are available to me as a trainer*?

Further details can be found here (PDF for download).