VIDC deals in many ways with the situation in Israel-Palestine:

State formation in Palestine

With the Oslo Agreement a process towards a Palestinian self-determination started. Billions of donor funds were invested to promote institution building. The process was accompanied by neoliberal economic policies, a development which should be critically analyzed.

Secularism vs. Religion

Palestinian society has over the past few years experienced a phase of unprecedented political polarization that has opened up socio-cultural conflicts about the religious secular divide, which was also the case in many Arab countries. The cooperation project with the Institute for Women’s Studies at Birzeit University “Dialoguing Across the Religious/Secular Divide” tries to positively address conflicting visions and understandings about the role of religion and secularism in the wider society.

Conference series “Beyond War and Crisis”

Within this series donors politics in the Occupied Palestinian territories were analyzed on the impact on gender orders, poverty administration and civil society as well as state formation.