Somali Diaspora Engagement in Austria

Report by Suad Mohamed and Jamal Mataan


Suad Mohamed

graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Karachi. She works as assistant consultant to the Austrian Red Cross and is a sought after panelist and presenter, especially in health issues like FGM (Femal Genital Mutilation)

Jamal Mataan

is a refugee/migrant advisor, community organiser and student at the Danube University Krems (Austria) in the Department for Migration and Globalisation. Before he studied political sciences (Vienna) and theatre art (Mogadishu).


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The Somali diaspora organisations in Austria highlighted in this report are chiefly engaged in integration-related activities; providing newcomers with information, orientation and support to assist their smooth transition to life in Austria. Focus areas include education, health, gender equality, democracy, participation, religion and sports.

Furthermore, the Somali diaspora has a strong transnational network oriented towards its country of origin, with organisations and individual initiatives acting as bridge builders. They work in many sectors: including humanitarian relief during disasters such as drought, floods and war, peacebuilding, conflict reduction, education, health and gender issues.

Actors from the diaspora however seldom receive the necessary respect and support from policy makers, nor the attention of the public. There is minimal knowledge by Austrians about the Somali communities and there is not miuch dialogue going on. 

This report contributes to fill this gap. As many associations and individuals are involved in integration and transnational engagement, this report includes both.


Um einen besseren Einblick in die Aktivitäten, Prioritäten und Bedürfnisse der zu erhalten, hat das VIDC bewusst zwei Fachleute aus der somalischen Gemeinschaft beauftragt, die Forschung durchführen.