Project Pool


The pool for innovative projects ensures the promotion of innovative measures in the context of applied social research with interdisciplinary approaches to strengthen the participation of civil society in development processes, poverty reduction and the current thematic priorities of VIDC Global Dialogue.
On the one hand, development policy decision-makers, public and civil society organizations, university teaching and research institutions and the media are to be addressed. On the other hand, the content and methodology of the measures should be designed in such a way that they arouse the interest of a broad civil society public.

Criteria and procedure

  • There is a content-related reference to the main topics of VIDC Global Dialogue.
  • There is a presentation of the research questions, the methodology of the research, the results/interpretation, and an abstract.
  • Studies are 30-50 pages in length.
  • An agreement is concluded between the applicant and the VIDC Global Dialogue department.
  • The maximum fee or expense allowance is 3,500 euros.
  • The activity is not yet funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation.

Since the funds in the pool are limited, we recommend contacting us by phone in advance!


Contact person

Magda Seewald
Tel. +43 1 713 3594-75



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