The Team

Galina Baeva 

Tel.: +43 1 713 35 94 - 68

is divisional manager at kulturen in bewegung, where she is responsible for coordination, conception and finances.

Employed as project coordinator in the associations maiz and das kollektiv/ Linz. Former member of the KUPF OÖ editorial staff and the City Cultural Advisory Board of the City of Linz. Co-founder of "kültüř gemma! City Culture Support Program".
She has a bachelor’s degree in art science and philosophy at the KTU in Linz and at the Università degli Studi di Firenze as well as a master’s degree in media and cultural theory at the University of Art in Linz.

Eva Baumgartner 

Tel.: +43 1 713 35 94 - 63

is responsible for public relations at kulturen in bewegung and fairplay.

She studied theatre, film and media studies at the University of Vienna and worked in the theatre and media sector for several years. At brut Wien she was responsible for marketing, sponsoring and public relations. At the ORF youth radio station FM4 she was a project manager in the marketing department where she realized numerous cultural cooperations and events. Furthermore she is a certified fitness- and health trainer and is active as a player and trainer at the sport club Vienna Roller Derby. 

Maria Herold

Tel.: +43 1 713 35 94 - 61

works for kulturen in bewegung as project manager and a consultant for music, art and cultural education with focus on gender issues.

She studied musicology at the University of Vienna, completed a course in music economics at the FH Kufstein and the IKM Vienna, manages the music space and label Sendeschluss, co-curated the festival Indigo City - Die Stadt danach as well as the Art-Space Feldversuch - a temporary space for artistic experiments and is an active musician in various projects. In the field of sound art she was active for many years at the international radio
Since 2013 she works at the VIDC, first in the administration and since 2015 at kulturen in bewegung, where she realizes and supervises projects like Reumannblast - Street Art Festival, Amadinda Sound System, Disothering - Beyond Afropolitan and other labels and Fem*Friday. 

Marissa Lôbo 

Tel.: +43 1 713 35 94 - 28

at kulturen in bewegung, Marissa Lobo is responsible for art and cultural mediation projects with a focus on gender, LGTBQI+, anti-racist and decolonial practices. For more than a decade she worked as the curatorial director of the cultural section of MAIZ a self-organized collective of and for migrants.

She is currently the co-founder and artistic director of "kültüř gemma! Stadtkulturförderungsprogramm". As well as the head curator and artistic director of “Night School”, a project which lives at the interface of art practice and education. 
Marissa Lobo holds a master's degree in post-conceptual art and is currently a doctoral candidate in the PhD program of Philosophy at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Gaby Pflügl

Tel.: +43 1 713 35 94 - 59

is active in kulturen in bewegung

She is the director of the biennial Austrian and international clown women's festival clownin and a founding member of the theatre super.nova. She is also director, dramaturg, technician, stage manager, head of the artistic office at Theater Brett; Theater der Jugend, dietheater Wien and works with various independent theatre groups.  
She has a master's degree in theatre, film and media studies with a combination of German, philosophy and art history from the University of Vienna.

Cosima Sindlhofer 

Tel.: +43 1 713 35 94 - 62

is responsible at kulturen in bewegung for art and culture education.

She works for the production management Wellenklänge, Lunz am See, and in the press and public relations department of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg. She is also involved in the dramaturgy at the Volksoper and in the production of various independent film projects.
She studied theatre, film and media studies as well as philosophy at the University of Vienna and the University of Utrecht. She also completed a course in art and cultural education at the Institute for Cultural Concepts in Vienna and finished the university course Supervision & Coaching at the Postgraduate Center of the University of Vienna.

Horst Watzl

Tel.: +43 1 713 35 94 - 92

has been working for kulturen in bewegung since 1995 and is responsible for the music department and the service centre.

He is one of the founders of kulturen in bewegung. He was involved in the conception, programming and organisation of information and cultural festivals (Sura Za Africa, Onda Latina, Ke Nako Africa, moving cultures, Nosso Jogo ...), exchange programmes, numerous tours of groups (e.g. Druk Revival/Bhutan, Ethiopian Azmaris, Mabulu/Mosabmik and many more) in Austria as well as in the conception and realisation of exhibitions, film days and workshops. Before that he worked on the establishment of a multicultural centre in Vienna. Project trips took him to Southeast Asia and East Africa.
He studied journalism and communication sciences and political science at the University of Vienna.