The team of kulturen in bewegung introduces itself!

Under our names you will find information about how we like to be addressed and which pronouns we use. With this we want to set a good example and point out that the gender identity of people cannot be determined by their names or their outward appearance. Gender-appropriate language is important and in this spirit we are looking forward to a lively, respectful communication with you!

Marlies Pucher 

Pronouns: she/her
Tel.: +43 1 713 35 94 - 68

is divisional manager at kulturen in bewegung, where she is responsible for coordination, conception and finances.

Worked in management for artists in the independent scene (dance, theater, performance) and as a producer for film and media. For festivals like Szene Salzburg, Tanzquartier Wien and Wiener Festwochen she realized community projects and productions in public space. She was company manager of the performance group Liquid Loft from 2017. Studied international economic relations in Eisenstadt and Brussels and cultural management in Barcelona.

Marissa Lôbo 

Pronouns: she/her
Tel.: +43 1 713 35 94 - 28

at kulturen in bewegung, Marissa Lôbo is responsible for art and cultural mediation projects with a focus on gender, LGTBQI+, anti-racist and decolonial practices. For more than a decade she worked as the curatorial director of the cultural section of MAIZ a self-organized collective of and for migrants.

She is currently the co-founder and artistic director of "kültüř gemma! Stadtkulturförderungsprogramm". As well as the head curator and artistic director of “Night School”, a project which lives at the interface of art practice and education. 
Marissa Lôbo holds a master's degree in post-conceptual art and is currently a doctoral candidate in the PhD program of Philosophy at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Sophie Melrose-Doering

Pronouns: she/her
Tel.: +43 1 713 35 94 - 61

is project officer at kulturen in bewegung for the conception and mediation of art and culture projects and responsible for the field of music.
She has promoted artists in the international music industry, organized concerts and was involved in the conception, organization and implementation of the three-day LIDO Sounds Festival as part of the project management team. She also works in management and as a label for musicians and music projects.

She studied journalism and communication studies and musicology at the University of Vienna.

Gaby Pflügl

Pronouns: she/her
Tel.: +43 1 713 35 94 - 59

is active in kulturen in bewegung

She is the director of the biennial Austrian and international clown women's festival clownin and a founding member of the theatre super.nova. She is also director, dramaturg, technician, stage manager, head of the artistic office at Theater Brett; Theater der Jugend, dietheater Wien and works with various independent theatre groups.  
She has a master's degree in theatre, film and media studies with a combination of German, philosophy and art history from the University of Vienna.

Yasmin Yazdian

Pronouns: she/her
Tel.: +43 1 713 35 94 - 62

is responsible for press and public relations at kulturen in bewegung.

She studied theater, film and media studies at the University of Vienna and moved to Barcelona for her master's degree in arts and cultural management at the International University of Catalonia.
In addition to her studies, she worked as a trainee director at the Bronski and Grünberg Theater in Vienna, gained experience in social media with Erika Lust in Barcelona and worked as an advertising model in Austria.