"Blickwechsel", is VIDC's podcast for a another, a new look at the world. With this Podcast we want to bring those voices into the spotlight that we rarely hear in Austria: Activists and scientists from the Global South; people who come from our focus regions, who are directly affected, with whom we collaborate on events or studies. Who have an insight that we don't have, whose views open up new perspectives for us.

Sybille Straubinger, Director of the Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation, guides this Podcast. The VIDC is a think tank founded in 1962 by the later Chancellor Bruno Kreisky together with prominent politicians of the so-called Global South. Being in dialogue, always on the basis of equality and respect, and making the voices from the South heard in Austria (and not talking about them), that is the basic premise of our work - and of this Podcast.

Podcast: Black History for a better future

Sybille Straubinger in conversation with Aquea Lamptey from AEWTASS - Advancing Equality Within The Austrian School System and Beverly Mtui, Editor-in-Chief of freshVibes and Fresh - Black Austrian Lifestyle Magazine.

February is Black History Month! No longer just in the US, where it originated in the 1920s to highlight the marginalization of Black history. Today it is used to show the achievements of the Black community today.